• June 26, 2023

Is it worth it?

The quest for admission into any elite college carries a low chance of success for most applicants, while demanding a significant investment of time and emotion. So, it is natural to ask if it is worthwhile. The answer is as varied as the person answering it and is still much debated. Because our journey did come to a successful conclusion, we believe the following reasons is why it could be worth it to some:

  1. Like-minded peers – The student body of such colleges is by nature high achieving and self-motivated. Top performing high school seniors will have an easy time finding others like themselves to surround with.
  2. Alumni network – It is no secret that the upper ranks of business and politics are littered with graduates of elite colleges, granting students and recent graduates networking opportunities that would otherwise be less accessible.
  3. Special programs – Students at elite colleges have access to programs only made possible with ample funding.
  4. Medical school admission – Admission into an accredited medical school in the United States is even more competitive than undergrad elite college admission. Graduates of elite colleges, especially those with strong reputations in pre-med advising, tend to have a much better chance of success in becoming medical students.
  5. Social sciences & humanities career prospects – Graduates in these fields whose degrees come from elite colleges will have an easier time finding employment in their field of study. 

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