• May 31, 2023

Admission essay pointers

College admission essays are crucial because that is how admission staff gets to know applicants without ever meeting them. Bear in mind that admission essays are fundamentally different from essays that applicants normally write in high school. Here are several pointers to help craft a memorable essay:

  1. Make it a story – Don’t make the essay a listing of life events. Take the most interesting life event(s) and narrate it, perhaps giving it a humorous twist to make it memorable. Avoid sad tales without enlightenment.
  2. Impact – Admissions staff want to know why an applicant’s story is significant to him/her at a personal level.
  3. Authenticity – Each student has a distinctive voice that only he/she can bring out. Use that voice as a natural means of expressing that which is genuinely important to the applicant. Remember that too much editing from others can alter the applicant’s unique style.
  4. Uniqueness – A person’s life story is like none other, filled with qualities and encounters that make great material for captivating reading. Even an unusual habit or an ordinary routine can be of interest to readers. Approach with a new perspective and avoid well-worn themes.-
  5. Show don’t tell- Engaging writing ‘show’ by setting scenes and providing anecdotes, instead of listing accomplishments or activities. The essay should prove something rather than just state it.

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