• March 29, 2023

Admissions file insight

Our daughter was able to view her admissions file and share the information with us. Her file summary focused on the following areas:

Academics: the key is a flexible, rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum. She took APs and dual-enrollment classes through a local 4 year college, with high ACT & SAT scores. The college noted her science and AP language classes, as well as her no. 1 class rank.

Extracurricular activities: The file noted that her activities align with her interests and reflect who she is as a person. The admissions committee did not just take her at her word; they cross referenced her recommendation letters and academic record.

Recommendation letters: while such letters are positive in nature, a recommender’s affirmation of the applicant’s brand (e.g. leadership, curiosity, etc.) lends impact. One recommender’s comment that she is “one of the kindest and most successful students with whom I have worked with” in his career sets her apart.

Alumni interview: a top rating on the interview can boost the applicant into the admit group. It was referenced in her file that her interviewer noted:  “she is amazing and definitely earned the exceptional rating, please accept her, the college will be a better place with her in it.”

Mid-year update: her post-submission update on activities and academics given halfway through senior year made a good impression on the admissions committee. It was mentioned twice in her admissions file that she gave a great update sharing a curriculum change and a role change in one of her extracurricular activities.

We will delve into greater detail about each area in future posts.

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